Pink Bear Moving Systems Inc.

Pink Bear Moving Systems was a great and fun challenge! Every aspect of the company from its conception to its launch day party where they invited the entire city of Halifax, N.S for a BBQ was planned with extreme care.

With a fleet of 7 trucks, it easily makes it the largest local moving company in Nova Scotia. A massive guerrilla marketing campaign was launched a day before its official launch day. Over 10,000 flyers spread over night, over a 1000 stickers placed on poles and bulletin boards all overnight, or within a span of 8 hours to be exact.

Nevertheless, when the city arose the next day it was PINK, and the fleet of trucks that have been wrapped in hot pink and rad characters representing the brand were cruising train like throughout the entire city all day.

They launched in May 2018 and by August, everyone in the city knew about them as they had a massive hold on the market right off the bat, and they had to rent even more trucks to accommodate the demand, while already employing close to 50 people during peak time.

The business model and marketing plan put in place was a very complex one, they clearly needed it as that allowed them to expand all aspects of their operations quickly and in sync with workforce, supplies, trucks, and marketing spending.