Nocturnalight Productions

Nocturnalight, a multi-company based out of Toronto, they specialize in pushing mental boundaries through every aspect of their work.

Only a slight modification was applied to their logo, next an intricate and heavily modified website, where all they house all their albums which are available for sale and some free to download, photo galleries linked to their social media accounts to be easily updated, online apparel store that have custom designs of their own brand for sale, Facebook integration, press releases, and also a page specifically for all the dozens of artists that they have collaborated with and which were on their infamous Full Spectrum mixtapes.

Several posters and flyers were designed for multiple events between Canada, USA, Mexico, amongst a few others in Europe. Design services were also provided for a couple album covers, their intro logo openers and and a few graphical elements within their official music videos.

A unique marketing tool used to create curiosity within the general public was a T-shirt simply with a QR code, several dozens were handed out during concerts and events while some fans got theirs through different contests.

This created a stir with people as they wanted to know what they would get once they scan the “Wanted” QR code. There were also posters put up around Toronto which had the same positive effect and the word was spread using technology and natural human curiosity. All scans and statistics of their users were collected, stored and disposed when not needed anymore, in accordance with provincial and federal standards.