Movers 2 Help

Movers 2 Help, a company that started out with just one small truck and providing services in just one small city to serving communities nationwide.

The design of the truck had gone through several concepts until the final one was picked and expanded. The design is semi-interactive as there’s a unique QR code placed on the sides that can be constantly changed to direct customers to any digital link.

At the end of the second year, they came back as they outgrew their forecast and increased in size yet again. Their image was revamped, and the original business plan was adjusted together with management in order for them to take advantage of their growth and to keep them climbing.

A unique website was developed for them with a modern look that rivals the best companies in their industry. User friendly is something that was the top priority. The website has a complex back-end, coded to run promotions and specific campaigns at a set date and time through their respective social media platforms. A custom booking platform, a plethora of information, advanced SEO, and a special call button are just some of the few unique features designed specifically for this website.

M2H has been assigned marketing agents that produce and maintain their marketing campaign year around, from traditional flyer distribution, social media management, custom time sensitive promotions, and web/TV commercials.