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Portland Daycare Centre

Ahh Yes! Portland Daycare Centre, now here is an entrepreneur who knows exactly what she wants. We helped PDC with their image from day one. PDC approached us not only to get a top of the line website, but a complete Identity. An identity that creates trust, promotes reliability and pure professionalism from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Mansupra-Communications-Portland-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada Mansupra-Communications-Portland-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada

Ravines Cafe

Ravines Café is a small local café that is located in the heart of an office complex serving all those busy business men and women.

They approached us to create a unique conceptual design of their brand and store, and they loved what they saw and went ahead with construction.

Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Ravines-Cafe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Ravines-Cafe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Buddy 2 Move

Buddy 2 Move is a moving company that serves both the East and West coast local communities, they are unique and stand out in an industry that some would say is literally cluttered with far too many “typical” entities.

Tiny Angels Daycare Centre

Tiny Angels Daycare Centre is a daycare that is located in the Bedford, Nova Scotia community. Regardless of their small size, they understand how important it is to stand out of the crowd and in the same time where they should stand within their respective community compared to their competitors.

We were contacted by the owner before anything had been established for the business, and were first requested to put together a proposal that would be presented to the local Community Services in order to obtain a license to open up shop.

Mansupra-Communications-Tiny-Angels-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Tiny-Angels-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Aladdin Shisha Lounge

Aladdin Shisha Lounge is a local Arabian themed restaurant/lounge that stands out in its category. Every bit of the interior has been designed and setup by the owners own two hands, from the ceiling to the tables and chairs.

If you want a totally unique experience, you no longer have to travel across the globe to get it, simply pay a visit to the lounge and you’ll be amazed by the décor, the food and of course the shisha.

Mansupra-Communications-Aladdin-shisha-lounge-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Aladdin-shisha-lounge-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Movers 2 Help

Movers 2 Help, a company that started out with just one small truck and providing services in just one small city to serving communities nationwide!

This company is a prime example of “you reap what you sow” all credit due to its robust structure and business plan, it started out with concentrating on creating a name for itself by providing the best rates in the city alongside the best service within the industry that rivals its competitors that are ten times their size and age.

Mansupra-Communications-movers-2-help-moving-Moncton-New Brunswick-Toronto-Canada-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia
Mansupra-Communications-movers-2-help-moving-Moncton-New Brunswick-Toronto-Canada-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-movers-2-help-moving-Moncton-New Brunswick-Toronto-Canada-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Relatos Extraordinarios

You afraid of the dark? Seen something spooky? Do you get frightened easily?

Then you shouldn’t plan to attend the “Relatos Extraordinarios” event held in Mexico at Lunario (a grand entertainment centre)

We were hired to design a stunning Poster for the event and the theme was based on Edgar Allan Poe.

“The name Poe brings to mind images of murderers and madmen, premature burials, and mysterious women who return from the dead. His works have been in print since 1827.”

So to have an event with Mr. Poe as the centre of the theme, you can surely imagine what they would have had in store for the audience!

The design of course had to be perfectly balanced, using all the right amount of gothic elements, death, decay and an overall devilish look, and surely we were very very close if not right on the mark.

For such an event to be held at Lunario and for them to accept our work, is nothing more than a great privilege.

Mansupra-Communications-Relatos-Extraordinarios-Mexico-Lunario-Edgar-Allan-Poe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Relatos-Extraordinarios-Mexico-Lunario-Edgar-Allan-Poe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Haifa Wehbe

Ah yes, Haifa an international super star whose singing talent has no bounds.

We were approached by an app development firm from Lebanon that was in charge of its backend and they wanted us to design the front end. So we did up a couple of designs for them.

Overall it was a fun project to work on, especially because the project was on an international level and also because it was for a super star singer!


Mansupra-Communications-Haifa-Wehbe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Haifa-Wehbe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Ephraim Divine Media

Ephraim is one great photographer located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a proven track record, and high ambitions he is going places.

Ephraim Divine Media approached us to provide him an image like no other, his website was designed specifically to maximize the use of each sq inch of the screen, the colors and layout have all been set to enhance his photography.

Launch website

Mansupra-Communications-Ephraim-Divine-Media-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Ephraim-Divine-Media-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Halifast Bike Courier

Halifast Bike Courier A local, Eco-friendly courier business established in Halifax, Nova Scotia by a young entrepreneur, who runs the delivery company using bicycles.

Halifast approached us to design them an image to attract customers to advertise with them on the banners that are attached to the bicycles as they drive along the city.

The eco-friendly design created is simple, clean, and certainly catches the eye.

Mansupra-Communications-Halifast-bike-Courier-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Halifast-bike-Courier-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Heather Guerin

Heather Guerin is an Animal Body Worker that specializes in equine therapy.

She approached us to get a logo designed and a couple of business cards. It was fun getting to know more about her occupation and how we could tie in those elements into the design.

Overall we believe it turned out really well, especially because she was super happy to see her new image.

Mansupra-Communications-Heather-Guerin-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Heather-Guerin-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Cutting Edge Image Consulting

Cutting Edge Image Consulting came to us in search for an image that will truly allow them to shine brighter than others, as they themselves specialize in creating a unique image for their clients.

CEIC had quite a bit of involvement with the design, hence they got exactly what they had in mind.

CEIC also had a sub company Dream Entertainment, which specializes in even organizing, and had requested for a logo.

Services provided:

        • Website design


        • Logo Design


        • Hosting solutions

Launch Website

Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Edge-Image-Consulting-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Edge-Image-Consulting-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Amistad America

An iconic Schooner that left a mark in history, Amistad America.

It was a great pleasure to work on such a project, you think you’d know a lot about it by now, but we learnt a lot more about it as we progressed working on this project.

Amistad America management team came to us in search of an online image that is in sync with the heritage that the freedom schooner brings with itself, and we delivered.

A clean, rustic, yet modern website design that allows the websites content to flow through naturally and give their users a unique experience. An elegant custom video player that displays all their YouTube videos automatically as they are uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Launch Website

Mansupra-Communications-Amistad-America-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Amistad-America-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Soul Productions

Soul Productions is a record producing company based in Lebanon.

Their specific requirement was to have a logo that was descriptive of the services they offer, what's better than a treble?

A few drafts later, another satisfied customer was added to our list!

Simple, descriptive, yet very elegant to portray their high standards they incorporate with each of their tracks.

Mansupra-Communications-Soul-Productions-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Soul-Productions-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

The Dental Card

Dental Card is based out of Dubai, U.A.E. They approached us to create them a clean, simple and slick identity to keep up with the highly competitive market they were trying to get into.

Check, check, and check! They got exactly what they were looking for and they couldn’t be happier with the designs.

Mansupra-Communications-The-Dental-Card-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-The-Dental-Card-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Nicole Jaume Photography

Nicole runs Nicole Jaume Photography, she came to us in search for an identity like no other, she is a professional photographer that does more than just take pictures, but instead lets her vision, charisma, and passion flow through each shot.

She wanted something “flashy”, so we created her a “flashy” website, literally. A Flash based website, get it? “Flashy” ;p

We really wanted her customers to be impressed with her persona, so we set out to study her style and techniques and we came up with something not only unique, but a digital image that best suited her character too.

Nicole’s website is basically “herself” on a plate. We even came up with a slogan like no other, “I shoot people...” (Yes, the third period is definitely Pink in color) she can’t stop talking about her slogan on her remarkable business cards.

Whenever she presents her card to anyone, she always gets that “shocked” look from people, then, 2 seconds later, it clicks! “Oh, that kind of shooting…” We admit, it was a bit daring of us to go to the client and present our idea, which makes her look like a hitman for a few seconds, but we knew we had it in the bag, and she was sold immediately!

We surely had a blast with this project.

Mansupra-Communications-Nicole-Jaume-Photography-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Nicole-Jaume-Photography-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Nocturnalight Productions

Nocturnalight Productions, formerly known as Nocturnalight Records are repeat customers, and who doesn’t love repeat customers?

Nocturnalight Productions have grown to expand their services to obtain a higher market share. They wanted us to portray an image of a professional and reputable production company involved within several industries.

Mansupra-Communications-Nocturnalight-Productions-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada Mansupra-Communications-Nocturnalight-Productions-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada

Nocturnalight Records

The Nocturnalight Records project takes us way back, one of our first actually. To put this up on display is a little embarrassing and in the same time something we are highly proud of, as we learnt a lot while experimenting with this one of a kind project.

Nocturnalight Records was looking for a unique website within the hip hop community and they got a website like no other, even until now!

However, as with time, they made the right move, to "move on". The record company evolved to a full fledged Production company, and they came back to us for a new look along with other services, make sure you visit their new project "Nocturnalight Productions" within our portfolio too.

Launch Website

Mansupra-Communications-Nocturnalight-Records-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada Mansupra-Communications-Nocturnalight-Records-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada

Sun Coast Moving

Sun Coast Moving - Here we have a moving company that was considered the underdog within the industry, but within its first few weeks of operation it shattered all odds and is now considered a serious competitor.

We have created a unique online presence for SCM like no other professional moving company has ever acquired, from their logo, business cards, truck designs and all the way to their amazing and powerful responsive website.

Services provided:

  • Website hosting solutions
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Website design and Copy
  • Professional stock and custom pictures
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Flyer design
  • Banner design
  • T-shirt design
  • Photography
  • Flyer distribution
Mansupra-Communications-Sun-Coast-Moving-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada Mansupra-Communications-Sun-Coast-Moving-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada