We are a small group of designers, marketers and business consultants. We run our agency by offering services such as Web design/development, Branding, Internet Advertising, Marketing, and Business Consulting.

Premium Quality Design

Our work does a lot of the talking, no matter what you ask for, whether it’s a simple business card design or a full-fledged e-commerce website, rest assured that you are always getting premium quality work and results that will surely generate great ROI.

Responsive and Modern Technology

Digital trends are loud, big and here to evolve. Just like the fashion, automotive and other major industries, Digital designs and their enhanced web solutions are evolving quicker than before.

We stay on top of the game and evolve side by side to stay there, all in order to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Social Media Marketing

Ignoring Social media to market your product or service these days isn't the best way to go about doing business.

We specialize in Social media marketing, we can help in spreading the word about your product or service, help generate actual customers, create a solid image, and increase your followers

Awesome Customer Support

We take great care of each and every one of our customers.

“Just satisfying” your demands is not our goal, whether you are in a pinch or just need some general advise on how to make your next move, we are always happy to assist in any way we can.

Going beyond our obliged duties is a norm here and we just love doing so!

Business Consultation

Here at Mansupra Communications we have all graduated with Business Degrees (a few have doubled), with majors in Management, Marketing, Public Relations, and have also gained several degrees in the design/digital world.

With our knowledge, and real world experience we have gained a valuable asset which allows us to look at issues within any business from an unbiased point of view and provide solutions that work. We have helped many of our clients get rid of issues within their businesses along with providing digital solutions.

We look at each aspect, with great detail, assess the situation, then recommend and help implement the perfect solution, all while working with you, side by side.

Featured Work

Portland Daycare Centre

Ahh Yes! Portland Daycare Centre, now here is an entrepreneur who knows exactly what she wants. We helped PDC with their image from day one. PDC approached us not only to get a top of the line website, but a complete Identity. An identity that creates trust, promotes reliability and pure professionalism from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Mansupra-Communications-Portland-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada Mansupra-Communications-Portland-Daycare-Centre-Dubai-UAE-Toronto-Montreal-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia-Canada

Ravines Cafe

Ravines Café is a small local café that is located in the heart of an office complex serving all those busy business men and women.

They approached us to create a unique conceptual design of their brand and store, and they loved what they saw and went ahead with construction.

Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Ravines-Cafe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia Mansupra-Communications-Cutting-Ravines-Cafe-Dubai-UAE-halifax-bedford-nova-scotia-Vancouver-British-Columbia

Buddy 2 Move

Buddy 2 Move is a moving company that serves both the East and West coast local communities, they are unique and stand out in an industry that some would say is literally cluttered with far too many “typical” entities.